Monday, January 10, 2011

Hoofed @ TTDI

Have heard about this place from a few friends and read it on a few blogs so my friends and I decided to try out Hoofed. The place has a unique decor with bricks on the curved ceiling and wood panelling on the wall. To me it looked like the owners tried to be creative and shifted the floors to the walls and the walls to the ceiling. Haha! :D

We started off with a serving of Roasted Pork Belly served with mustard and aioli. The skin was nice and crunchy and the meat was tender and tasty... This was a good start.Then we had the smoked duck salad with vinagrette. It was a not too bad salad. The duck was smoked well and was tasty but the vinagrette was a tad salty for me.Then it went downhill from there... We had an order or Lam Yee Pork which was a fermented beancurd seasoned fried pork.  Although fermented beancurd is salty but this was beyond salty. The amount of salt there was in this dish I was sure it came free with the pork they bought. Not funny when it made us all very thirsty.

We then had the Angel Hair Pasta which was served with fried pork. The first thing that hit me when I tasted it besides the obvious amount of salt in it was how much it resembles the "Siu Yok Meen" in Petaling Street. Instead of egg noodles they served it with angel hair pasta but that is all the difference. The pork belly was also cooked in the same sweet and spicy style but seriously all I truly remembered was how salty it was.

After that came the much talked about bacon fried rice. Bacon who? All I tasted was "Lap Cheong" and when I commented that to one of the waiter he told me it was a combination of bacon and chinese sausage. I just could not for the life of me taste the bacon. Where?By far the most disappointing dish was the Braised Lamb... It was much talked about in many blogs so I had my hopes up but when it came and we sliced through it.. Immediately we knew it had not been braised long enough. Lo behold the meat was on the tough side and the taste of lamb was very apparent. It has not had time to braise fully and absorb the flavours of the gravy. The flavours were all there in the gravy and it was served with a pretty good and buttery mash potato and some ratatouille but unfortunately the star of the dish did not shine.

Doubt I will be coming back considering my experience.

No18A, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-7728 8564

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