Friday, September 17, 2010

"Reunion" Dim Sum

Yesterday was Malaysia Day (another public holiday!!!) and I was about to have brunch with Ching Yee since we just finished being Chee Muis for Vivien... Suggested we have dim sum at Reunion; Bangsar Village II. It was highly recommended by many and I soon learnt why... :)

We started off with some "Siu Loong Pao" and "Char Siew Pao" which as usual, I forgot to take picture off... hahah!! But the Siu Loong Pao was really well done... the skin was just right to hold the juice in but still thin enough to not be flourey... :) The char siew pao was really fluffy... nice!!! :D

So now with the pictures... There is the standard "Siu Mai" and "Har Kow" which was good for sui mais and har kows standards but they are afterall just standard items...

Then we had egg tarts which were really nice... Not too sweet and the crust was thin and flaky...

Next was the "Char Siew Sou" which was also really good.. what I really liked bout all the dim sum is the amount of filling..the skins were always thin making room for plenty of fillings...

Next up was "Wu Kok"... Jae likes it but me not so much..felt the yam skin was not well done and the filling was not so great as well. Oh well, to each its own....

We also ordered some fried carrot cake.... It was definitely tasty...liked it that it was a bit spicy.... :)

Another sweet offering.... "Ma Lai Kou"... direct translation would be Malay Cake but then it isnt malay at all.... haha!! This one was a bit of disappointment... The taste was there but the texture I felt was not fluffy enough... Definitely not as good as the restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre..

Oh and we had some barbeque meat... Yum yum!!! the "Char Siew" was melt-in-your-mouth good.. texture and taste... :)

We also had "Siu Yok" which I felt wasnt crispy enough on the skin... :( but once again Jae liked it...hahah!!

All it all it was a really really good... It does live up to its recommendations... This same restaurant actually has a great menu for normal chinese dining as well... Highly recommended except that this place is a tad pricey...

2F – 17/18,
2nd Floor Bangsar Village 2
No. 2 Jalan Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru
Tel: +60 3 2287 3770

Happy Birthday Ai Li!!!!

Celebrated my sister's birthday 15th Sept 2010!!!

I was a nice sister this year... Got her a birthday card which cost me RM30... Then I ordered a Durian Mousse cake to be sent to her office to surprise her... :) No pictures though coz it was eaten up by her colleagues... Haih...damn expensive cake.. :( But I got a slice and I could taste why it was so costly.. It was no mousse my fren... It was Durian... literally... durian just slathered between layers of vanilla cake... yum yum!! :D

So for dinner we initially wanted to try this place which says Korean Fine Dining which we came across at Pavillion... see see when we went in and opened the menu. It was the same (or maybe with less variety) as any other korean restaurant in town..and probably less authentic... So what is so fine dining bout that? Cheh! So we walked out back... hahah!!

Decided to try out Angus House - Japanese Charcoal Steak instead. It was definitely a good choice.

Initially the menu didnt give us much confidence and it was sparse... All you get to choose was which part of the cow u wanted and whether you wanted the full course or ala carte. So we went for the course and this was what we got....

For starters it was a fish with potato thingy... tasted not too bad...

Then came the soup, it was pumpkin soup that day.... not too shabby as well...

Then came the salad... forgot to take picture so I let u see the empty plate.. Obviously the japanese dressing was really good or else u would not see my salad plate so empty...haha!!

Then came the main course... jeng jeng jeng!! This is my sister's 250gms tenderloin in japanese sauce... It was pretty good...

But nothing compared to my 250gms sirloin which was cooked to perfection... still juicy but not bloody and it was really tender and tasty... Mmmmm.... nice!!! As u can see from the picture, I dugged in before I could take the picture...hehe!!
Look at that...doesnt it look yummy?

So after that cam dessert which I (oops) forgot to take a photo of... but it was just an okay cake... so nothing to shout about compared to the Durian Mousse... Each course was about Rm150 so it wasnt too bad.... but since I have to foot the whole bill... "Ouch!!!"

Angus Steak HouseLot 6.44& 6.45
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 2145 6015