Monday, April 20, 2009

A burger like no other....

This burger epitomes Malaysian food at it's best... it has survived all evolutions of food... All threats from the more spiffy likes of Burger King, Carls Junior, Wendy and so many more... No other burger hits the spot like this fella over here...

Still operated from a shack like stall on wheels with a flat pan to fry/grill the patties, a scraper that acts as a egg yolk breaker cum egg wrapper, the original Ajinamoto pepper and maggi seasoning and worchestershire sauce for the added tastiness... not to forget the lightly planta-ed bread grilled slightly the flat pan and then piled with a smattering of raw cabbage shreads, chili sauce and mayo....

Who else can I be talking about? Most definitely our dear old Ramly burger... Ramly has truly stood the test of time... What did I have last week? Most definitely the "Burger Ayam Special Double" to appease my appetite... hehe!!! It still taste exactly how I remembered it... Absolutely DELICIOUS!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner at BON

This place shall be my new found favourite Korean restaurant... :D

Came here once with Ching Yee, Jae and Renee... Thot the food was pretty decent... Had a craving for Soondubu again last nite and the recent few I had didnt cut it close... so I went to BON again, sat down and ordered my Soondubu.... :D

Lo behold, I was shocked at the amount of side dishes given to me!!! Tadaa!!!

Count em baby...hahaa!! 9!!! Yes 9!! I think the past few times I ate alone in a korean restaurant, they prolly served around 4-5 max... This was 9 full servings and all were super yummy so Aichin became a glutton... haha!! But it was really good.. It is very rare that all the side dishes served are good.. Usually there will always be those nasty tasting ones that you wont eat... but this time... It was all good.... :)

Next up... my Soondubu!!! :D Basically Toufoo and Egg soup with some clams and shrimps.... This place does it the best!! At least from all the ones I have tried la... It is nice and spicy just the way I like it and way tasty.... They got good paste and sauce I suppose... :) NICE!!!

Ai li got jealous when I told her I went to eat Korean so guess what? I will prolly be going again on Sunday!! :D heheh!! Maybe this time we will try the Yukkaejang or the Bibimbap or the Bulgogi or some barbeque meat... We shall see how hungry we are then.... Korean is definitely best eaten in a big (well bout 4-6) group so that you can have more variety and try out their more interesting dishes which comes in huge pots.. :) Too bad it's only me and my sis...

Looking forward to this Sunday!!! Wheee!!! Greedy me!!!