Thursday, April 1, 2010

My First Bento Attempt!!

Me was hardworking today.... :D

I woke up at 0630hrs to start on my bento. So here is my journey...

Prepared everything last nite... Fried rice, fried sausages and omelette cut out into various shapes... :) today is only assembly.

First step: Line all my bento containers up. Yup! I am ambitious... making 4 at one go... hehe!!

Second step: Disassemble the containers and line them up for filling. Fill up main compartment with fried rice.

Third step: Skewer the fried sausages so they look cute!! Bento is meant to look cute not practical. Hehe!!

Fourth step: Place in the cut omelette so that the shapes can be seen.

Fifth step: Assemble back all the bento sets...

Sixth step: Strap them up coz they are going for a ride!!! :D Just so they dont fall apart along the way...

Seventh step: Apa lagi? Eat la... hehe!!

Here is me unwrapping my bento... :)

It still has a long way to go before it looks like a professional bento but kudos to me for attempting right? I actually bought all my bento stuff last year but never got around to doing it.... so *pats on my back* me proud of meself... hehe!!