Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reunion Dinner...

Every year my family goes through the same routine of packing up on new year's eve and driving down to singapore for our Reunion Dinner with my mum's family... Yeah..u read right.. mum's family... My family is a bit terbalik when it comes to tradition...

How, what was different this year was how much food there was.. haha!! on a norm we would have perhaps 12 dishes max... This year we had 18 dishes... yeap.. count em... 18 dishes for 20 person.. Menu is as below:

1. Sharksfin soup

2. Abalone soup

3. Claypot chicken rice (supposedly with damn good 'ham yu')

4. Fried Mee Sua

5. Tang Hoon in thick soup

6. Pork dumpling

7. Chicken dumpling

8. Tomato curry chicken

9. Stir Fry Beef

10. Pan Fried Beef

11. Chicken stuffed with glutinous rice

12. Vegetarian Pun Choi

13. Tong Po Meat

14. Prawn Fritters

15. Sweet & Sour Fish

16. Mixed Vegetable

17. Beancurd skin roll

18. Fish Maw

Part of all the dishes... some couldnt fit on the table so were left in the kitchen... and as our typical reunion goes... we stood and walked around the table like a buffet spread.... It has been a long time since I have properly sat down around a table and have my reunion dinner.. but I like it this way anyway... It's how my family rolls... :D

Cookies for the New Year...

Baking this year's cookies was a rush... with all the assignments and exams here and there I didnt really have a weekend to myself to bake... Stole a weekday just before the CNY to bake... People would think I am nuts... It took 12 solid hours and 6 batches to complete...
The most challenging part of the process... mixing all the ingredients together... It takes muscles... a lot of em.... shows how pack full of goodies the cookies are... :D
Mom says make em small... Kept complaining mine was big.. :( then have to downsize.. she says they need to be bite size... as if ppl's mouth were that small.. Hmmph!! I bet even with the initial sizes I made they would still be just one mouthful.. a slightly fuller one but still a mouthful.. hehe!! But dun argue with mom.. she knows best...
Hmmm.... the aroma of bakes cookies filled the entire house.. Yum Yum!! I kept making excuse that I needed to try.... ate from every tray eventhough same batch.. haha!! Yum Yum!!!
All packed and ready to be given out... Good thing this year's list of giveaway is slightly shorter than last years or else a day would not suffice.... :)